Lug style pipe restraint.
Manufactured in the USA.
USE  Provides restraint of mechanical joints.
SIZES 3" - 24"
COMPATIBILITY  Recommended for use on PVC pipe. See catalog page for details.
WORKING PRESSURE  Up to pressure rating of the pipe unless otherwise noted with 2:1 safety factor.



GLAND Ductile (nodular) iron, meeting or exceeding ASTM A 536, Grade 65-45-12.
GASKETS A Romac DI/IPS combination gasket may be used on either DI or IPS size pipe. Gasket compounded for water and sewer in accordance with ASTM D 2000. A standard MJ gasket may be used with this fitting on C900 PVC pipe. An MJ x IPS transition gasket is used for IPS size pipe.
RESTRAINING BOLT 7/8 –9 roll thread, Ductile (nodular) iron, meeting or exceeding ASTM A 536.
RESTRAINING LUGS Ductile (nodular) iron, meeting or exceeding ASTM A 536. Heat treated using a proprietary process.
COATINGS Shop coat applied to the casting for corrosion protection in transit. Fusion bonded Romabond Polyester coated glands and Xylan coated restraining bolts and lugs optional.


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