US Manufacturer of pipe products for the waterworks industry since 1969



In 1969 Manford ‘Mac’ McNeil (pictured above) started Romac with two employees in a small warehouse in Bellevue, WA - a suburb of Seattle. It was then that Mac introduced the first all stainless steel repair clamp.

Armed with a great product and propelled by a commitment to providing customers with first-rate customer service and lightning fast product delivery, Romac experienced remarkable growth.


In the following years Romac pushed to develop new ideas into inventive products that no one in the industry had seen.

• 501 - Color-coded ductile iron couplings
• 101N & 202N - Nylon coated service saddles
• RingWej - Two-bolt ductile iron couplings
• SST - All stainless steel tapping sleeves
• CB - One-size-fits-all sewer saddles
• TapMate - Lightweight tapping machine
• TapMate Too - .75 - 2 inch cuts
• QuikValve - Valve insertion
• GripRing - Full circumferential pipe restraint
• Macro - Two-bolt, ductile iron, wide range coupling
• Alpha Restrained Joint - One-piece restrained joint with fast, stab-fit installation

Many of these new “better-way” products are now industry standards.


We pour our ductile iron parts in our foundry, mold our own gaskets and we even make the threaded fasteners on many of our products.

Because we keep nearly all phases of manufacturing in-house, the supply chain is simplified and extremely efficient. Parts are made to our exact specifications and design changes can be made quickly.

Our customers enjoy our ability to quickly provide custom products designed to meet unique requirements.

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Our extensive inventory is now shipped out of one of our facilities in Seattle WA, Dallas TX and Charlotte NC. The strategic location of these operations allow us to deliver Romac products nearly anywhere in the country in two days or less.


We’re a little bigger, but our commitment to serving our customers and our customer’s customers is as evident today as it was 50 years ago.


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