600 series

Split pipe restraint.
Manufactured in the USA.
USE  Provides restraint for bell and spigot joints, transitions, couplings and mechanical joints.
SIZES 4" - 36"
COMPATIBILITY  Ductile iron, C900, C905 and IPS size PVC. See catalog page for details.
WORKING PRESSURE  PVC up to 200 psi, ductile iron up to 150 psi.



CASTINGS The restrainer rings are cast from ductile (nodular) iron, meeting or exceeding ASTM A 536, Grade 65-45-12.
RESTRAINING FASTENERS 3/4" Restraining rods, T-bolts, heavy hex nuts, and coupling nuts are high strength low alloy steel meeting AWWA C111 composition specifications. National coarse thread. Allowable force per bolt is 7,500 pounds when properly installed.
CLAMPING FASTENERS The 4" and 6" sizes use high strength low alloy steel trackhead bolts. Steel meets AWWA C111 composition specifications. National coarse rolled thread and heavy hex nuts. The 8" through 12" sizes use heavy hex Grade 8 bolts. Sizes 4" and 6" use 5/8", 8" 3/4", 10" and 12" use 7/8".
COATINGS Shop coat applied to parts for corrosion protection in transit.


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