Inserts a valve in an operating line without loss of pressure.
Manufactured in the USA.
COMPATIBILITY  Ductile iron, cast iron, A/C and some classes of PVC.
POWER SOURCE  82000 HPU Hydraulic Power Unit.



GENERAL The sleeve is fabricated to assure a 360° seal around the pipe under working pressures up to 150 psi. (Test pressure: 225 psi.) It is designed to accommodate the equipment and fixtures necessary to drill and ream the pipe and install the QuikValve insertion valve without any interruption in water service.
SLEEVE ASTM A-36 steel.
FLANGE A special flange is used that mates with the QuikValve installation equipment and insertion valve.
NECK The neck is manufactured to precision tolerances that assure proper alignment, support, and sealing of the QuikValve insert.
BOLTS AND NUTS High strength low alloy steel (Corten) bolts and nuts meeting AWWA standard C-111. Type 304 stainless steel bolts with SDC nuts are optional.
GASKETS All gaskets are made of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) compounded for potable water service in accordance with ASTM D2000 3 BA715. The gaskets provide a positive 360° seal on the pipe and assure a tight, durable, and resilient seal at the pipe sleeve - valve insert junction.
COATING The sleeve is lined and coated with fusion bonded epoxy. ARMORS: Heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel armor plates are used to bridge the gap between the sleeve halves.
LUGS Lugs on the sleeve are configured to properly align the sleeve halves during installation, provide a bolting surface, and assure a 360° seal. The lugs are designed to prevent excessive stress on the pipe, and minimize distortion of soft (PVC) pipe.

GENERAL The valve assembly, when installed in a QuikValve sleeve, performs as a water control device with an effective shutoff of the flow of water. The valve is installed in the open position, under water pressure without any interruption of water service. The QuikValve gives a full unobstructed full flow waterway after installation.
INSERT The insert consists of a ductile iron casting coated with SBR rubber compounded for water service with a durometer of 55 Shore A. The insert seals on the inside diameter of the QuikValve sleeve neck and the lower half of the water main.
VALVE STEM The stem and nut assembly are in accordance with AWWA C-500-80, section 3.12.
FLANGE A special flange, made of ASTM A-36 steel is used that holds the valve assembly together and acts to seal against the valve sleeve flange.
GASKET The valve flange gasket is made of SBR rubber, compounded for water service in accordance with ASTM D2000 3 BA715, with a durometer of 70 Shore A. The gasket acts as the sealing interface between the valve flange and the sleeve flange.
BOLTS AND NUTS Grade 3 Alloy steel, zinc plated for corrosion protection. Type 304 stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers are optional.