custom pipe repair products

Romac manufactures many products which can be used for pipe repair that don't appear in the Romac catalog.

FS420 (and FS419 for plastic pipe): the FS420 is a FTS420 without the flanged outlet. These can also be made out of all stainless steel (SS420).

FS421: The high pressure version of the FS420. It has stiffening ribs on the body.

FS425: A split coupling (aka a split sleeve) and it can repair pipe that has full circumferential damage.

FS425S: Like the FS425 (a split coupling), but with the ability to go up and over an obstruction such as a bell, a coupling, a corp-stop or what ever else is in the way.

Service Saddles: Service saddles can be used as repair devices. If the saddle is tapped it can be plugged or a corp-stop can be installed which makes it very nice if the water can not be turned off. The ductile or bronze saddles can be sold with out a hole in the casting.

Stack Clamps: We can make repair clamps that allow you to put one clamp next to another, making a longer clamp. We offset the mat gasket two inches so that the clamps can be butt together without leaking. You can stack as many of these clamps together as needed.

Contact Romac’s Quotation department for price and availability and the Engineering department if you have further questions.