custom fabricated steel pipe products

Romac’s Fabricated Steel division manufactures couplings, flange adapters, tapping sleeves, expansion joints, dismantling joints and accessories. Fabricated steel items are available in standard sizes as shown in the Romac catalog, and are also available in custom sizes and configurations to meet any unique application requirements.

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Romac Industries, a leader in the waterworks products industry, is known for manufacturing innovative, quality products while providing the best possible customer service - a reputation built over the last 40 years.



The commitment and meticulous care that transform raw materials into finished Romac Catalog items also goes into all custom fabricated items made to customer-specific needs.


specialized engineering

Romac’s staff of licensed professional engineers draw upon decades of highly specialized experience and work with you to provide an economic solution that best fits your project’s needs.


custom made

High quality Romac products produced on state-of-the-art equipment include:
• Large Diameter Products - fully expanded to 200 inches.
• Large Diameter Flange Coupling Adapters.
• Custom Fabricated Steel Tapping Sleeves.
• Dismantling Joints & Flexible Connections.
• Expansion Joints.
• Bell Joint Repair Housings & Encasements.
• Pressure ratings up to 600 psi.


proven reliability

From basic couplings in all sizes, to gigantic tapping sleeves, Romac products feature in thousands of fluid systems worldwide. Various applications include: Water, Wastewater, Power Generation, Pulp Paper Mills, Mining & Industrial Plants.

Romac’s reliability and reputation are unsurpassed in delivering trouble-free, custom-built products on time.