M–F, 5:00 am–1:30 pm
Bothell, WA


Intermediate level of production welding. Under limited supervision and technical guidance, positions material to be welded, using standard fixtures and positioner/turntables, and applies hand-eye coordination to achieve the desired weld. Materials welded may include steel, stainless, aluminum or various alloys and the methods may include gas welding, shielded metal arc, gas-tungsten arc, gas-metal arc or submerged arc, but the variety of applications tends to be limited to standard products and materials where plans are specified, welding positions are routine and work may be characterized as longer production runs. Regulates heat and feed and may select electrodes, tips and rods. Works from specifications, drawings, prints and welding symbols.



1.     Run dispatch list; understand and decipher part numbers.

2.     Follow work instructions, drawings, established quality standards, and established safety protocols.

3.     Must be able to read basic drawings and fit product as represented by drawing.

4.     Fit up and tack multiple styles of entry-level product, as directed.

5.     Weld multiple styles of product on the positioner.

6.     MIG and TIG weld various types of material, including ductile iron, mild steel, and/or stainless steel, as directed.

7.     Check all welds for porosity or defects and weld size.

8.     Check specifications that are critical.

9.     Perform computer transactions.

10.  Print travelers and send with product.

11.  Meet all company work schedule and attendance expectations, and perform within the physical and environmental demands of the job, as described in Section E: Working Conditions.


1.     Participate in process improvement events, as directed.

2.     Perform required operator maintenance.

3.     Assist with other functions within the department, as directed.

4.     Assist other departments with various duties and projects, as directed.

5.     Attend required meetings.

6.     Participate in physical inventories.

7.     Alert Lead, Assistant Supervisor, or Supervisor to material shortages, quality or safety issues. 

8.     Keep work area clean and organized.

9.     May train other employees.


1.     High School Diploma or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

2.     1+ years of welding experience with welding mild steel, ductile iron, and/or stainless steel (print reading and positioner welding).

3.     Possess basic level of trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

4.     Must pass 1G weld test.

5.     Possess basic blueprint reading skills.

6.     Understand oral and written instructions.

7.     Possess effective written and verbal communication skills.                         

8.     Can effectively read and write.

9.     Have basic math skills.

10.  Possess very basic computer skills.

11.  Lift minimum weight (see requirements below).

12.  Ability to count accurately.

13.  Can read a tape measure.

14.  Must be able to pass a background check and drug test.



1.     Must be able to weld on a positioner/turntable (will train)


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