M–TH, 5:00 AM–3:30 PM
Sultan, WA


Works to drive down foundry operational costs. Optimizes sand and metal chemistries to achieve efficiencies in yield, productivity and equipment longevity.  Considers the effects on the entire process when implementing improvements. Serves as sands and metals lab technical expert and analyst.  Evaluates options for cost improvement with incoming materials and suppliers. Collaborates with plant supervisors, Engineering and Quality. This position is heavily involved in production.



1.     Finds opportunities to reduce costs of the casting process from melt to finishing.

2.     Performs real time analysis of ductile iron composition and makes in process changes to optimize cost per batch.

3.     Balances variances with incoming materials to insure iron quality is maintained and costs are optimized.

4.     Provides visibility on the foundries cost performance through metrics and performance indicators.

5.     Collects, prepares and analyzes ductile iron samples looking for trends and opportunities for improvement.

6.     Implements better methods and equipment for controlling iron quality.  This may include working with suppliers and/or conducting external research.

7.     Troubleshoots melt and sand processing issues. 

8.     Develops and executes design or change verification plans to confirm expectations are achieved and processes become self-sustaining.


1.     Works with maintenance to identify and address issues with equipment used in metal or sand production.

2.     Performs root cause analysis and coordinates resolution actions for products, processes and materials.

3.     Perform quality department support such as material inspections, process analysis, and/or data gathering.

4.     Performs audits of foundry operations with a focus on casting operations.

5.     Provides training to lab and production personnel.

6.     Obtains buy in for affected activities when making changes and resolving issues.

7.     Develops process and procedural documentation for new processes.


1.     Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience – preferably in Engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, or other technical discipline.   

2.     Ability to read technical/engineering documents, define technical issues, and conduct statistical analysis.

3.     Ability to use tools and equipment, to prepare samples, run lab tests and confirm cast parts meet dimensional and metallurgical specification.

4.     Ability to perform visual inspections.

5.     Effective reading, writing, and general mathematical skills.

6.     Strong command of the English language, both written and verbal.

7.     Able to pass a background check and drug test.


1.     Experience in a foundry environment and typical melting practices for Ductile Iron.

2.     Working knowledge of metallurgy, chemistry, materials sciences, or related studies or work experience.   

3.     Working knowledge of Quality Assurance practices such as Lean, 5S, SPC, ISO 9001.Experience with foundry finishing processes and defect recognition.


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